Top 5 Salesforce Companies in Vietnam

July 7th, 2023


Top 5 Salesforce Companies in Vietnam

Are you searching for the best Salesforce companies in Vietnam? Make sure you choose a reliable Salesforce Consulting Partner to ensure your business potential is maximized. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 Salesforce companies in Vietnam.

1. UPP Global Technology JSC


UPP Global Technology JSC is a leading Salesforce Consulting Partner in Vietnam, offering a range of Digital Transformation solutions.

UPP's team of certified Salesforce consultants, developers, and admins is fully equipped to maximize the return on your Salesforce investment.

Our services include:

  • Sales Cloud and Service Cloud: Through developing Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, we help businesses optimize the CRM process by lowering managing costs and making Customer Care easier and more thoughtful due to Customer Data Optimization.
  • Marketing Cloud: Automate your Marketing process by managing omnichannel projects on Salesforce and building campaigns touching your customer's pain point based on real-time insights, thereby generating more leads for Sales.
  • Salesforce Integration: Instead of storing data in traditional and individual systems, the integration with Salesforce will help customers manage data more neatly and create business campaigns that best suit customers and trends.
  • Salesforce Customization: Not only help customers deploy existing systems, but we also design and customize the interface and functions of the Salesforce system according to business requirements.

2. Sotatek JSC


Sotatek JSC is a leading APAC Blockchain & Software Corporation. They offer tech experts with strong determination, enthusiasm, and commitment to providing hi-tech IT services, with the ultimate goal to enable business success through digital transformation. Their experienced Salesforce consultants provide services such as Custom CRM Solutions, CRM Integration & Development, CRM Implementation, CRM Support & Training, CRM Consulting Services, and CRM Application Development.

3. Sonix Solutions


Sonix Solution provides software development services per clients' request, developing mobile apps, websites, and other services, such as software testing and graphic design services.

Sonix Solution offers a range of services including Salesforce implementation, migration, application development, migration, integration and customization. They have a team of certified Salesforce consultants.

4. Luvina Software JSC


Luvina Software JSC is a global Software Development Outsourcing company providing full services in the software development field from designing, coding, and testing, to maintenance, system operation, and support.

The software projects they have accomplished and experienced are in many different professional specialities, typically Enterprise Software systems, Mobile & Internet-based Systems, and Control - Embedded systems.

5. OMN1 Solution


Omn1 Solution has a passion for delivering solutions built on the Salesforce platform.

They are a group of highly skilled and motivated people that are all about getting businesses the solution they want. Omn1 Solution offers a wide range of services including Salesforce Cloud solutions, System consultancy, Website & App Development, etc.


Vietnam has a growing number of Salesforce Consulting Partners that can help businesses optimize their CRM process, automate their marketing, and manage their data more efficiently.

The top 5 Salesforce companies in Vietnam discussed in this article, _ led by UPP Global Technology JSC _, have a proven track record of providing high-quality services and solutions to their clients. Whether you are looking for custom CRM solutions, application development, or system consultancy, these companies are well-equipped to meet your business needs. To get the most out of Salesforce's commercial potential, pick a reputable Salesforce consulting partner like those listed here.

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