Top 6 Big Data Analytics Companies in Vietnam

July 21th, 2023


Top 6 Big Data Analytics Companies in Vietnam

Looking for the top Big Data companies in Vietnam? Check out our list of the top 6 Big Data companies based on verified data from Clutch. From big data analytics and consulting to data-driven insights and customer analytics, these companies offer a range of services to help businesses optimize their data assets and gain a competitive edge.

1. UPP Global Technology JSC


UPP Global Technology JSC is a leading Big Data company in Vietnam, providing services such as:

Data Governance:

Each enterprise necessitates its Data Warehouse solution to optimize efficiency and costs according to its own set of goals, sizes, and facilities while also ensuring data quality, timely response, and easy sharing.

UPP Global Technology JSC provides customers with emerging solutions. We do not only design the Data Governance process based on the existing Data Warehouse system!

Productized AI:

The era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the technology war between the 'giants' like OpenAI and Anthropic has brought us powerful AI models.

Nevertheless, it is difficult to transform a generic model into an AI-based solution that is created with particular features that clients seek. This requires a team of professionals with high expertise, knowledge, and experience in the field.

Our team of professionals (UPP INSIGHT) researches and evaluates the current status of the company to develop and customize production-ready AI-based systems with functions based on clients' demands.

Big Data Analytics:

UPP experts research and develop advanced data integration solutions by balancing the cutting and reasonable Data recovery based on skills, practical experience, and in-depth Data-related knowledge. Hence, businesses can minimize Data loss and ensure Data accuracy.

Our team's study and analysis provide various future scenarios using past and current Data, instead of general plans, bringing more options for clients in the decision-making process, thereby coming up with the most suitable strategies.

Our team of seasoned data scientists and engineers uses cutting-edge tools and technologies to deliver data-driven insights and solutions that help businesses make informed decisions.

2. Renova Cloud


Renova Cloud is a leading AWS consulting partner in Vietnam, Myanmar, and Cambodia. Our focus is to accelerate the success of our customers through cloud transformation and modernization processes. With expertise in Cloud Computing Solutions, DevOps, and Managed Services, Renova Cloud is a highly integrated team of skilled engineers, architects, and DevOps with proven capabilities and experience in the execution of advanced technologies projects.

3. Synodus


Synodus is an IT consulting and software development services provider. Starting as a small tech lab, we became a premium tech provider and have supported organizations and enterprises across the world to improve performance and gain a new competitive edge over competitors.

4. Investidea Technology


Investidea Technology provides a comprehensive IT outsourcing service with the fastest product (MVP) delivery time! They will turn your smart ideas into amazing products. They support in all majors from software development including product consulting, working process, and infrastructure, to technical solutions.

5. TMA Solutions


With a large engineering team and a wide range of skills, TMA Solutions are the long-term and strategic software partner for most of our clients. They provide end-to-end solutions, from ideas to design, implementation, testing, deployment, maintenance, and support that help their clients focus on core businesses and leave the IT burden to our engineering team.

6. Innovature BPO


Innovature BPO (Innovature Consulting Company Limited) is a Vietnam-based diverse, qualified, and dedicated team that works 24 hours per day to help clients expand their global footprints with their Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services. They rank among Vietnam's top pioneering BPO Service Providers specializing in Finance and Accounting Services, Business Intelligence & Analytics Services, Customer Services, and e-commerce Post Production Services.


In conclusion, these top 6 Big Data companies in Vietnam are leading the charge in helping businesses harness the power of data. Whether you're looking to improve your data strategies, enhance customer experiences, or drive growth, partnering with the right Big Data company can make all the difference.

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