UPPIE - a new Ai-powered chatbot solution for business

May 26th, 2023


How can an AI-driven chatbot help a business in the sales process? Check out our latest updates on the benefits that UPPIE has brought to our company's Cx!


What is it?

UPPIE - is a chatbot developed by UPP's experts based on the state-of-the-art AI model - ChatGPT. This AI chatbot solution aims to provide more accurate and contextual responses to users about our company.

You can try UPPIE here. https://www.upp-technology.com/

Given the ability to answer many questions at the same time, our chatbot can answer everything about UPP Global Technology JSC, and our services.

Tech stacks and development

Instead of using fine-tuning techniques, searching is the way we used for developing UPPIE. We apply both semantic search and embedding search for finding the accurate context, then with the context from our custom database, combined with the GPT model, our chatbot can respond to the client in a conversational way. Shape1

fig 1: What are the types of services that UPP can offer?

For more specific tech stacks, UPPIE utilizes Pipecone and Langchain - 2 trending frameworks using vector database and LLM (Large Language Models) in the development process. Building UPPIE requires expertise in natural language processing, machine learning, and software development.

How has UPPIE helped us boost Cx?

UPPIE can be used as an agent to answer customers' question

One of the most important things in the customer care and consulting process is responding quickly to queries about the company's products and services, as customers typically demand an immediate response when seeking assistance from a consultant.

However, due to external factors, the consultants may not promptly answer, making sales more challenging by not being able to meet client needs.

Using traditional chatbots without AI support, on the other hand, gives generic answers that do not match, which may annoy your clients.

In these situations, an AI-powered chatbot step in and help us maintain a warm relationship with clients. Our UPPIE chatbot, in particular, is constantly updated from previous talks to learn and solidify knowledge. This will enable it to provide more detailed, relevant, and individualized responses to each client, hence improving the user experience while scrolling through UPP's website.


fig 2. UPPIE answers a question about "How can UPP's Productized AI benefit businesses?"

Other benefits

UPPIE helped us optimize sales costs and human resources

Our sales crew saves a lot of time thanks to UPPIE, allowing them to focus on more in-depth consultation stages of the sales process or other responsibilities that are more important in the department. This assists organizations in optimizing human resource management resources and expenses.

Generate warm leads for Sales and Marketing

The fact that UPPIE responds rapidly to typical questions about the company's services improves the client experience, making customers leave contact information for further consulting, or even actively contact the Sales department.

These customers are called warm leads, in addition to being a great sales opportunity, will also provide organic insight for the Marketing department to analyse and create more effective marketing campaigns, resulting in higher rates. conversion and, more importantly, increased income for the company.

A vision of the future

The chatbot can be designed as a tool for optimizing common processes.

One key aspect where the chatbot excels is in automating routine tasks. They can be designed to handle repetitive processes, such as data entry, form filling, or appointment scheduling. By taking over these mundane tasks, the chatbot may free up valuable time and resources for employees to focus on more strategic and high-value activities. By leveraging its capabilities, businesses can streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and improve overall productivity.

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