Using Salesforce in CRM Digital Transformation.

May 8th, 2023

Author: Stephen Ho - UPP Delivery.

From the early days, UPP has always had a clear direction that Salesforce Consulting is a strong area to focus on development and breakthrough. Maximizing Salesforce's potential will assist you in improving your Customer Relationship Management process, which is one of the cornerstones to corporate success. Especially in today's world, where new technologies are continuously replacing old ones on the path to digital transformation.

"_ The world will change, but customer focus remains" _

_ - One of Salesforce's founders quoted _


Digital transformation applications

Digital transformation is an unavoidable tendency in the 4.0 era. It has been and is being implemented in many areas, including:

Medical application

Electronic medical record is a practical example of digital transformation when the patient's examination results and patient's medical history are uploaded to the system. Doctors will only need a few clicks to learn about all of the patient's health issues without having to sift through multiple types of medical documents or multi-page medical records.

Education application

E-learning records enable teachers to identify students' learning situations and offer appropriate curricula, as well as design online lessons to augment information in a timely and convenient manner. Teachers can also post lecture videos and documents to the system, which students can then access at any time to study and review lessons without having to physically attend a classroom.

DX application in CRM

How did DX change CRM?

Our partners are using a customer-focused strategy to boost their success. They not only supply products and services, but also provide an excellent customer experience. This is evident in retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and other service businesses. An excellent restaurant, for example, will not only serve delicious food but will also create a warm environment and provide attentive service so that guests feel truly cared for. A reputable retail store will not only sell high-quality products but will also offer personalized consulting services and after-sales assistance.


Customers are now regarded the focus of all business activity and key factor determining the success of the business. Rather than focusing solely on manufacturing products and providing services, organizations are increasingly investing in developing and strengthening CRM operations. This will assist firms in the following ways:

  • Better understanding of client needs in order to design products that meet those needs.
  • Provide superior service to competitors.
  • Develop long-term consumer connections and attract new customers.

Salesforce - the world's best CRM system

Salesforce is an on-demand cloud-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software solution. This is the world's leading tool for CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions for businesses.

How does Salesforce benefit business?

Maintaining a "warm" relationship with clients and potential customers is critical for every organization, whether B2B or B2C. As a result, having a solution to help manage Customer's Data effectively, easily, and conveniently is essential.

Salesforce offers solutions to optimize Customer Management, not only assisting businesses in lowering managing costs, but also making Customer Care easier and more thoughtful due to Customer Data Optimization, thereby providing a better experience, generating more profits, and increasing ROI.

_ UPP Global Technology will develop a "customized" Salesforce system based on the business use case so that it best suits the size, structure, and unique goals of the company. _

UPP's Salesforce application

When it comes to providing the finest service experience to clients, Upp understands the implementation of each problem of partner businesses.

Before entering the Salesforce market, UPP directly created and applied the Salesforce system throughout the company so that we could learn from experience and continuously enhance services, thereby assisting businesses in providing the best experience to clients. During installation, we asked ourselves the following questions:

  • Has Upp's sales team reached out to clients yet? (User-friendly functions)
  • Do clients have trust in UPP? What is the client success rate (as measured by transparency, security, compliance, privacy, and performance)? Which process is poorly implemented? Which process is still causing problems?
  • Is feedback, as well as client remarks, handled fast or not? How do you rate client satisfaction?

By experiencing our own services before conducting implementation consulting, Upp hopes to meet the needs of partner businesses and help businesses bring the best service to their customers.

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