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Blockchain Development

Our company provides end-to-end blockchain solutions, ranging from Blockchain Consulting to User Experience and Design, Blockchain Development, Deployment, Maintenance, and Upgrades. The blockchain experts at UPP have in-depth knowledge of various blockchain tools and technologies like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalance, and more. The blockchain development company’s services include defining product specifications, UI & UX design, application development, QA, hybrid cloud environment deployment, and continued support.

Our Blockchain Development Services

Ico Support

We leverage our knowledge of blockchain technologies to assist you on every step of launching your blockchain project, from creating a whitepaper and a promotional landing to developing the token itself and assisting in getting it listed and distributed.

NFT-Related Services

UPP’s talents will leverage their broad knowledge of technologies and trends related to non-fungible tokens to support your business during creating and distributing your NFTs, from developing smart contracts to creating unique marketplaces.

Smart Contract Development

By utilizing blockchain, our team will develop self-executable digital protocols serving your needs. This way of utilizing blockchain is most suitable for supporting automated payments, crowdfunding, multi-signature wallets, auctions, and more.

Cryptocurrency Development

We harness profound expertise in blockchain technologies to develop a unique crypto coin/token working on either public or private blockchain and serving as a basis for an array of solutions from cryptocurrency payment systems to security applications.

Custom Blockchain Solutions Development

UPP’s highly skilled tech talents will develop any blockchain solution, whether it’s a decentralized application, public or private blockchain. Our vast expertise will help you utilize all the advantages of this technology using any platform.

Blockchain Solutions We Build

Blockchain Solutions

Smart Contracts

Utilize blockchain smart contracts to max out the efficiency, speed, and security of transaction-based processes. Our talented blockchain developers build and test custom decentralized solutions automating data transactions and eliminating paperwork to reduce the costs and improve the security of the processes.

Decentralized Applications (DApps)

UPP combines the efficiency of smart contracts with a user-friendly interface resulting in the creation of a decentralized peer-to-peer network. It doesn’t have a point of failure presented by the hosting server, which means eradicating downtime and operational restrictions.

CEX/DEX Platforms

Whether the plan is to create a centralized or decentralized platform for cryptocurrency exchange, UPP will cover everything from designing the UI to implementing niche features alongside the world’s best security and KYC practices.


Our business analysts and consultants leverage their comprehensive expertise to assess the potential value of the tokens you are planning to issue. We will analyze the market and unique features of your token to pick the right technology, utilization way, and supply volume for your cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency Wallets

Whether it’s a custodial or a non-custodial wallet, it must be secure, functional, and user-friendly. UPP’s expertise in blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and application development is a winning condition when it comes to developing an excellent cryptocurrency wallet for any platform in no time.

ICO/IEO/IDO Development

When launching a new blockchain-based project, the initial token offering is the most important stage for raising enough money to achieve the goal. With UPP’s specialists’ help, any business will be able to maintain the full-pledged process of launching the project, from creating a roadmap and a whitepaper to developing and publicly releasing the tokens on any platform.

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