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Client focus and leading mobile application development company. Our mobile apps solutions boost our clientele with milestone success. Nowadays mobile app market boost like a fire tornado, where the need for mobile applications is counted at first. With more than 1 billion applications in the market, the demand is still high! UPP is one of the growing mobile app development companies in Vietnam. We execute the customer’s service ‘Mobile’. We accommodate a mobile development platform to the customers to resolve their unimagined idea into brilliant solutions.

Erasing the boundaries between businesses and users. On any platform.

Native iOS development

Our lineup of Swift and Objective-C developers creates robust applications designed for a wide range of Apple devices: from Apple Watch to Apple TV and the latest iPhone.

Native Android development

To build outstanding Android apps, we have a team of skilled Kotlin developers who know exactly how to stun users with rich features and captivating design.

Cross-platform development

Our cross-platform mobile developers will create an app that will perform on various mobile platforms just like native apps. The only difference is the single code base that serves all platforms.

Our Custom Software Delivery Framework

UPP develops software from the ground up and takes up development at any stage of the software lifecycle. We also assist companies in the post-deployment period and provide long-term maintenance and support services for the implemented solutions.

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Flexibility allows the application to run on various platforms (iOS, Android, Windows) without requiring adoption. This saves time and creates a seamless user experience.


Creating a fast, functional, and high-quality solution requires a talented pool of developers who use top-tier tools and technologies. Our mobile app developers have everything needed to make a perfect mobile app.


To ensure your application can handle the ever-growing user base and provides them with the best experience, we thoroughly choose the architecture of the application and perform high load tests.


We keep up with the latest technological trends and incorporate them into our state-of-the-art solutions to provide our clients and their users with the best experience and the most relevant functionality.


Creating a precise and clear user path and user map solution compilation is essential for building the perfect app. To make it user-friendly, we provide our clients with high-quality audit services.

Mobile Development Process

The process of developing a mobile application is complicated. To ensure your clear understanding of the processes and impeccability of the mobile app we stick to the following algorithm:


Requirements gathering & analysis






Backend connection








Maintenance & Support

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